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What Is 360 Site Monitoring?

Advanced website monitoring: optimize uptime and retention

Elevate your website's performance with comprehensive 360-degree monitoring. Stay ahead of issues, ensure uninterrupted uptime, and retain satisfied users. Experience advanced monitoring that keeps your online presence at its best
360 Monitoring - Advanced website monitoring: optimize uptime and retention
Monitor load times and responsiveness with regular scans and metrics you can use.
Maximize uptime by resolving website problems before they happen with instant alerting.
Prevent downtime and boost visibility and customer experiences with 360 Monitoring!
What Is 360 Server Monitoring?

Boost server performance and monitor server processes

Our all-in-one, panel-agnostic solution for multi-server and multi-site management is the key to providing your customers with peace of mind and reliable resource monitoring.
360 Monitoring - Boost server performance and monitor server processes
360 Monitoring is open-source and customizable, ensuring that all essential metrics and resources are properly monitored to suit your needs.
With 360 Monitoring, you can ensure optimal performance for your visitors, avoid downtime, and proactively address any potential issues.
Monitor the well-being of every feature and uncover the root causes behind errors and periods of system unavailability.
What is 360 Full Site Check?

Monitor web assets via comprehensive full site check

Shield your websites against performance hurdles and effortlessly manage entire projects. Delivering quality and convenience to both you and your clients.
360 Monitoring - Monitor web assets via comprehensive full site check
Find and fix broken links before they affect your search engine rankings and cause a poor customer experience.

Receive alerts for missing files, resources, and JavaScript errors that hinder page speed, visuals, and user experience.

Ensure privacy compliance: scan for Google Fonts, avoid collecting visitor data to prevent data regulation violations.


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24/7 Technical Support

Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!

Our top-notch support team is a source of pride. They're available whenever you need them, ensuring uninterrupted assistance. Experience unparalleled support for your services, including servers, websites, mailboxes, and more. Discover hosting support that sets the standard for excellence.
360 Monitoring - Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!
Customer Reviews

Why our customers loves our services

Amazing Service and staff!


I have recently purchased some services from them, they have amazingly quick response time and they have a well put together staff team. I have felt nothing less than warm here. They are cheap and reliable. My server has not gone down or stuttered unannounced. Any issues that would come up they were there immediately and the issues were solved within 30-60 minutes. I highly recommend Independent hosting for any server hosting!

360 Monitoring - Amazing Service and staff!
Christian davis

What can I say about IH


I can't say enough good things about Independent Hosting! They have exceeded all my expectations in the hosting industry. Their service is top-notch, with lightning-fast servers, reliable uptime, and exceptional customer support. Whenever I need support they are always there to lend a hand! I've been with Independent Hosting for a while now, and I'm consistently impressed with their commitment to excellence. I highly recommend Independent Hosting to anyone in need of reliable server hosting services.

360 Monitoring - What can I say about IH

Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy


Helped me with my server when I needed the help, made sure my server was running fine after they helped. Trust specs on their website.

360 Monitoring - Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy
Jadon Moore

Good Experience ! Thank you


Over my times of working with different hosting's and or server providers I haven't seen one as good as this! They offer better specs for your server or ect that your hosting and put it for cheaper. In addition while coming across some trouble setting up the database this one guy stood out Captiosus#0001 ! He provided quick support and made me feel as if what I was asking was valuable to his time. Thank you Captiosus for the quick support.

360 Monitoring - Good Experience ! Thank you

Frequently asked questions

What is Website Monitoring?

Website Monitoring tests websites for uptime, performance, and overall function. It verifies that your site is up, running, and accessible for visitors. Website Monitoring results will let you resolve any issues with your site before they impact your business.

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